Does sexual desire decrease with age?

 Claudia and Lewis met at a very young age. At first sight, they felt that they were made for each other. In the beginning of their relationship, the intensity of emotions was very high. They were thinking about each other all the time. They were influenced by each other.

Does sexual desire decrease with age?
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They were sexually aroused by touching each other and they often had sex with each other.

They spent their entire lives with each other. Although they have had some health issues during this time, they are overall a healthy and self-made couple. They spend time at a daycare center nearby in their area, go for walks and help each other with homework. Sometimes they also take care of their grandchildren.

Both of them are still attracted to each other but now the nature of these feelings is different. They are happy with their love and physical relationship. It's lifelong love, the joy of having a relationship with someone you want for a lifetime.

Sex and lust are two different but important aspects of human sexuality. Whole life is understood as a process of how the body's attraction, mutual enjoyment, and humor are connected to everyday life.

Older people need to be as happy and healthy as children, teenagers, young adults, and adults, although they are rarely thought of, especially among those who live institutionalized lives but their desires are limited. They do not disappear with age.

Being sexually active as you age is considered a fundamental right and a sign of a good quality of life. How a person feels or expresses themselves as a man or a woman is a fact that lasts throughout life. This is called sexuality.

Pleasure does not diminish with age

Most older adults remain sexually active and interest and pleasure in sex does not diminish with age.

Although age, in itself, is no reason to change sexual practices that have been enjoyed throughout life, they may, where appropriate, be modified according to certain physical strengths, diseases, or the effects of drugs.

These changes are less pronounced when one is sexually active, and imagination, sensory stimulation, and a supportive environment can increase receptivity to pleasure and encounter.

Research on extrinsic motivators examined the needs that older adults talk about the most.

From topical creams to penile harnesses, men are most concerned with erectile performance, while women's interest is mostly in arousal stimuli such as perfumes and sex toys, in addition to avoiding discomfort during sex. Gives

It is also important to understand that there are adults who choose not to participate in sexual activities and this is also normal.

Effect of divorce

Psychological and social factors affecting sexuality are very important as we age. In many cultures, sex is considered a youth activity and older people are less likely to relate to it, which can negatively affect their self-esteem which in turn can affect their sexual performance. Is.

For example, being widowed or widowed has many implications for emotional and sexual health because people who have been in a relationship for most of their lives may not know what to do with their long-term sexual feelings. should be done

According to a survey of students at the University of Alderley, 93 percent said sexuality was a very important part of their well-being, and 71 percent said their sex drive continued even when they had less sex. They are active and show love to their partner.

Under the influence of dopamine, what was an intense and passionate love, is now love for one's partner. Love with the partner you love is now dominated by senses and emotions, but there are also neurotransmitters (serotonin and oxytocin) that have sedative effects.

These changes can manifest in emotional openness during sex, loss of pleasure during relationships, and satisfaction with one's mood after sex.

Taking gender into account, there are differences in people's self-image, for example the intensity of sexual arousal (54% men/45% women) or between what is given and what is received. balance (63% male/36% female).

The love of pleasures persists and expands throughout life. We must not forget that if we are not already among them, we will all be old in the next few years and we will want what everyone wants: enjoyment, dignity, privacy and without interference from anyone. Individual focus.

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